Blending traditional craft excellence with the ultimate in technology

If you’ve been searching for a quality Australian particle board and laminate distributor, then you have found it.

Why Utick?

Utick was set up over 60 years ago by the Bryant family (now in its 4th generation in the business) as a high quality wood working factory servicing the Australian Building and Furniture Industries. Over the last 60 years the company established a wide reputation for both its manufacturing and environmental standards and ability to reliably meet a very wide range of client’s requirements.

Can Utick deliver ‘Exactly’ what I need?

Utick is dedicated to the advancement of the understanding of how to select, purchase and care for particle board and laminate office furniture componets. Other areas of expertise include fabrication and cutting to size, colour matching and good old fashioned service. Our policy has always been to keep abreast of all innovations in technique and technology as they become available.

Our Process

Recently Utick completed its most comprehensive update of plant by fully computerising its operation using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Numeric Control (CNC), and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) equipment available in the world today.

The development of CNC production machines is the greatest innovation in the technology the woodworking industry has yet seen. The more tradition of furniture needs high numbers of produced panels because the set-up times are too long to change set-ups panel by panel. The CNC machines now give us the choice of customised single piece production particularly in the point woodworking centres.

The ability to finish a panel with drilling, sawing and milling works just in one machine, greatly reduces the production time of a panel. The new technology has not only resulted in greater cost effectiveness but has created standards of precision that were hitherto undreamt of. All Utick work is now produced to a tolerance of 0.5 mm. The cost of set-up time is now greatly reduced and the reliability of this new process has greatly reduced downtime, another saving factor passed to our clients.

This extraordinary versatility of particle board laminate design application means that any design concept you may wish to create, Utick now has the technology and expertise to manufacture.


We manufacture a large range of products suitable for a variety of office and commercial applications including workstations, desks, storage & commercial furniture.